Tuesday, September 15, 2009

CNN news interview By Capt Robert Salas (RET)

Larry King interviewed Mr. Salas and he stated that the minute men missile were disabled who knows why no one will admit it and go down to The White House to protest and get disclosure on such issues. I watched a video with Dr. Steven Greer who is head of the Disclosure Project and he stated that other life forms do not want no nuclear weapons in there air space.

We really do not know what our government is doing now of days. If any of these movies and video's have any truth to them there is no way the average citizens will have a way to really prove it. Most likely the people whom have come close to exposing such secrets have been killed. If you do not believe this then look at the story from William Cooper who was a radio host for Hour Of The Time, you are welcomed to visit the web page and see for yourself. We are only told what they want us to know because I believe America's would panic if they saw anything like this or any life form they do not see that is of human kind.

But we as people must be opened minded that if there were no life form out there or something worth going out there for why are we going out of space in NASA, I have taken some time to Email NASA never got a comment back. No response very easy to ignore someone but now let me use my own imagination on this subject. There has to be something going on other then missle defense systems.