Sunday, September 27, 2009

Dr Edgar Mitchell (From: NASA) Confirms The Story

I am going to be called crazy for even writing this blog now, or you might find me in the state hospital or maybe laying in a pool or pond. But I am not the one working for NASA, I have confirmation and proof another person who is a person with the background from NASA himself. Confirming the Roswell crashing from 1947 confirms that story as well as speaking about there was a time that you would have been threatened over publishing stories such as this one but these are times were I want to say if our President wants us to go along with Health Care Reform then I am not asking for your birth certificate. I am asking Mr President show us the proof the cat is out the bag. Someone who worked for NASA confirming that he knows there is life form on other planets as well as they have had contact with us on more then one occasion.

This is major news and no one wants to admit it. But if I were to speak to anyone about this in person they would laugh and agree and walk away and say oh he is losing his mind but I guess the people at NASA are as well I want to to watch these two videos and let me know what you think about this I am really trying not to dwell one this much because I have not seen it with my own eyes but the proof is written in stone. I have done enough research now the only thing I do not have is photo's of my partying on a space craft drinking Grey Goose which is my favorite drink. But we can not have what we want always in life. I am just really astonished to hear someone from the governments side point of view to bring this to the table.

If we only had more people who would be a little more honest and just stop hiding the government secrets and just live and let live. This world would become a better place to live in but we have so much back and forth with who has what and who does not have the right to do or say certain things. These are situations that create other situations. I am going to go deep now like mind itself. I doubled checked on Wikipedia about this story as well, 1947 a man named Captain Mantell made an attempt to shoot down a UFO and he was in for a suprise from the story that I read and researched the facts, he plane landed and actually described as it crumbled into pieces as if the landing was not enough let alone the fact that is was a skeleton in his plane whatever was done to him while he went to launch an attack on this UFO and its more likely to say the battle was lost in seconds his plane was basically disintegrated into pieces. You are welcomed to research this story the location was in Goodman Field, KY. Now for the rest of the confirmation you may view the video and post your comments as well and I want to thank all of my supporters and please feed free to comment.

Interview (Dr Edgar Mitchell From NASA)

Phone Call To NASA Confirmation: Watch this video PLEASE!